Swingin' Singles

by Acker Bros

Released 2004
Modern Artists Records
Released 2004
Modern Artists Records
Contemporary electric jazz fusion that wanders disoriented and feverish into other genre's houses, walks into their closets and tries on their mom's clothes.
This most recent release from the Acker Bros entitled Swingin' Singles employs the use of the very latest in modern technology to bring you the full stereophonic spectrum of their way out sounds! They've incorporated space age sound generating devices called "wah wah pedals", "fuzz tones" and even a spaced out electronic gadget called a "synthesizer", which seems to produces unearthly sounds we'd imagine little green men from Mars might make. Their supersonic guitars and free-wheeling back beats will have even the most ardent squares tapping their uptight toes. This record album of today sets a new standard for modern recording and is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable musical experience. It's the "now" sound of tomorrow, today! A reporter transported through time to the year 1998 might be overheard to remark, "A space odyssey in the beat of today - with the far out sounds of tomorrow's uncharted trip beyond the now generation." So friends, set the dial on your jet pack to Gonesville because Swingin' Singles is one far out trip!

Herb Fountainbleu - Jazz Examiner

Acker Bros

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Henry Acker Gypsy Jazz Trio


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